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401K and P/S Practice Leader

Description:Are you a seasoned 401K and P/S specialist? Do you have the capability to recruit, train, and motivate other Retirement Plan Specialists? Take advantage of our lead program, administrative support, PR and advertising programs. Office space provided for six figure producers. For the right candidate, other retirement consulting opportunities are available.
Qualifications:Great team player, great leadership ability, series 6 or 7 license is required. Must have existing block of 401K and P/S business. Must have high ethical standards. Minimum experience is 3 years of qualified plan experience.
Duties:Recruit, train, motivate 401K and P/S representatives. Maintain and grow existing block of 401K and P/S business. Hold retirement plan workshops for existing and potential clients.
Compensation:Top revenue sharing of compensation earned by fees and commission. Willing to work on fee only cases when ethically appropriate. Overrides on Retirement Plan Advisors that are recruited.
Benefits:Group health, dental, retirement plan, group life

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Arnoff and Associates Inc.
Arnoff and Associates Inc.